A vast blanket of white,hung heavy over the hills. It suffocated every tree at its base, swallowing every distant object and vanishing around every corner. Deafening growl echoes hauntingly, lingering in minds of those who heard it, followed by screams that quickly died out, as if muffled for interrupting the cushioning silence brought along with the fog. Words of language long forgotten reverberated throughout the valley, that melancholy murmur disappearing shortly after as if it was never there. Everything died out, returning to it’s most still form,to accommodate the grayness of the surroundings, as if the colour was sucked out of the world in the night and replaced only with greyscale.
On the top of the hill, vague flickers of light shined towards the sky, as if its lone ray of hope, the last shimmer of light that remains before the world is engulfed into darkness.
In the center of that light, multiple figures lay motionless on the ground, some smiling, some in tears, most content and deeply breathing, so calm and peaceful, so that an innocent passerby could mistake them to be just asleep.
There at that moment, eyelids opened, brown eyes staring into the starless sky, marking the beginning of another adventure.

The Awakening